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Verroche Denture Clinic in St. Catharines Ontario has all the necessary safety measures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and patients from COVID-19 while in our office. We are a family-owned denture clinic located in St. Catharines and have been a part of the Niagara Community since 1981. We have grown our business on trust, experience and satisfied patient referrals. We realize that your smile is important to you.

Please look through our services here and call ahead to book a personal consultation. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these unprecedented times.

Denture Services in St. Catharines Ontario

Full Dentures

Verroche Denture Clinic is proud of our full dentures in St. Catharines services...

Implant Supported Dentures

Verroche Denture Clinic offers a variety of innovative services including implant...

Immediate Dentures

Verroche Denture Clinic is proud of the immediate dentures in St. Catharines...

Flexibles Dentures

Flexible dentures in St. Catharine’s don’t cost as much as some of the other types...


Verroche Denture Clinic is dedicated to making sure every one of our patients...

Partial Dentures

Verroche Denture Clinic provides partial dentures in St. Catharines that...

Related Denture Products

Verroche Denture Clinic provides a variety of different denture choices that includes...

Rebase, Relines & Repairs

Verroche Denture Clinic provides a variety of services designed to enhance your smile...

We are pleased to offer you the chance to have the healthy

Our Testimonials

“If you need the services of a denturist, do not hesitate to contact Verroche Denture Clinic. I am thrilled that I did. Paul and Jonathan Verroche gave me my confidence back. I have my smile back (and believe me, I smile all the time now), my dentures look great, and I feel great. When I first visited their office, I was very nervous not knowing what to expect, knowing that I had to do something as my teeth were terrible; I was always trying not to smile. They explained the procedures that would take place and put my mind at ease. I was very impressed with their expertise, competence, and dedication to their patients. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering dentures. I am so very happy with the results — they are wonderful.”

– H.P., St. Catharines, Ontario

“I was recommended to the Verroche Denture Clinic after much frustration with my dentist. I was having a lot of difficulty chewing causing me to choke often from trying to swallow partially chewed food. Being very self conscious about my smile which showed very worn and missing teeth, I decided to see the team at the Verroche Denture Clinic. I felt welcomed and confident on my first visit. The staff was very friendly and started on a plan for improving my bite and smile. Many options were discussed; medical consultations were suggested and within a very short time we all agreed on a treatment plan specially designed for me.I am now able to eat the foods that I had been missing for so long and the best part is that I can smile and eat with confidence. Thank you Verroche Team!”

– D.C., St. Catharines, Ontario
    Five Reasons To Choose All on 4 Dentures in St. Catharines

    Five Reasons To Choose All on 4 Dentures in St. Catharines

    All on 4 Dentures in St. Catharines are the right solution for many people. There are many different benefits of these and other types of dentures. We  have put together…

    Here’s a Denture Rebase, Relines & Repairs in St. Catharines Cheat Sheet

    Here’s a Denture Rebase, Relines & Repairs in St. Catharines Cheat Sheet

    New dentures fit comfortably right away. However, over time you might need the services of our denture rebase, relines and repairs in St. Catharines team. Specifically, having your new dentures…