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How To Choose Immediate Dentures in St Catharines

How To Choose Immediate Dentures in St Catharines

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How To Choose Immediate Dentures in St Catharines

Immediate dentures in St Catharines are complete or partial appliances that get inserted on the same day. They get placed immediately after your natural teeth are removed. Choosing the right denture for your situation can be a dilemma unless you have the right information.

We are the denture clinic that can help you make the right decision. Let us make a clinical assessment of your situation. Here are a few tips on how to choose immediate dentures or another kind that suits you best.

If you’re like most people, you have several questions you’ll want to consider. They all depend on your unique situation. Some of the features that you need to sort through include the materials, the stability, the color, and the fit.

Some of the advantages to choosing immediate dentures in St. Catharines include:

  • They help you to reestablish your speech patterns. There is no need to learn how to speak without your original teeth and then relearn once your permanent dentures are fixed.
  • If your natural teeth aren’t replaced in a short period, your cheeks can start to fall in.
  • Immediate dentures allow you to chew food while you are waiting for the more conventional ones to arrive.

There are some other considerations when you are choosing the right denture.

One of the bigger practical aspects centers around the number of original teeth you have missing. Or in some cases, it’s important to factor in the number of teeth that must be extracted.

If you’re thinking of full-upper dentures, it’s important to remember they are kept in place by suction. These are made of natural-looking acrylic that’s gum colored. The upper plate of your mouth needs to be covered so they stay in place.

Your muscles and gums work to keep lower dentures fixed in place.

Titanium Posts 

The implant retained version includes titanium posts that get inserted into your jawbone. The removable dentures get inserted on top of these posts.

Immediate dentures in St. Catharines are another choice. These get inserted on the same day that your original teeth are removed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this quick solution.

Verroche Denture Clinic has been part of the community since 1981. Our business thrives on patient referrals, trust, and experience. If you’re a new patient, just click on the convenient tab on our website to get started on the path to a new smile.