Implant Supported Dentures

Verroche Denture Clinic offers a variety of innovative services including implant supported dentures in St. Catharines. These form a stable foundation for your artificial teeth by acting as a substitute for your natural tooth roots. This is just another one of the services that we offer to help create healthy smiles.
Take a few minutes to look through our smile gallery before-and-after pictures. You’ll see how our competence and expertise makes for happy patients and wonderful smiles.

Comfortable Environment

Our team has been supplying an outstanding comfortable and compassionate environment for our patients since 1981. Of course that includes this specific type of replacement tooth option
Please read on to find out more about how these implant supported dentures in St. Catharines can make a difference

The ABC’s of Implant Supported Dentures in St. Catharines

After these are placed, we recommend patients proactively look after their gums and teeth. That means brushing twice daily and flossing at least once to remove any debris.

Issues Like Gum Disease

It’s important to remember that although these false teeth cannot be damaged through decay, letting plaque buildup can cause other issues like gum disease. There are some excellent benefits to these types of dentures.
Verroche Denture Clinic offers these implant supported dentures in St. Catharines to our patients who are looking to create a beautiful smile. Please get in touch with us today for an initial consultation. A dental scan will help us determine if these are the best option for your circumstances.

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“If you need the services of a denturist, do not hesitate to contact Verroche Denture Clinic. I am thrilled that I did. Paul and Jonathan Verroche gave me my confidence back. I have my smile back (and believe me, I smile all the time now), my dentures look great, and I feel great. When I first visited their office, I was very nervous not knowing what to expect, knowing that I had to do something as my teeth were terrible; I was always trying not to smile. They explained the procedures that would take place and put my mind at ease. I was very impressed with their expertise, competence, and dedication to their patients. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering dentures. I am so very happy with the results — they are wonderful.”

– H.P., St. Catharines, Ontario

“I was recommended to the Verroche Denture Clinic after much frustration with my dentist. I was having a lot of difficulty chewing causing me to choke often from trying to swallow partially chewed food. Being very self conscious about my smile which showed very worn and missing teeth, I decided to see the team at the Verroche Denture Clinic. I felt welcomed and confident on my first visit. The staff was very friendly and started on a plan for improving my bite and smile. Many options were discussed; medical consultations were suggested and within a very short time we all agreed on a treatment plan specially designed for me.I am now able to eat the foods that I had been missing for so long and the best part is that I can smile and eat with confidence. Thank you Verroche Team!”

– D.C., St. Catharines, Ontario